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MPTII 30 portable printer
portable printer
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Features :

• 30mm paper warehouse
• Small size and lightweight
• Easy paper loading
• Long lasting li-ion battery (7.4V, 1500mAh)
• Drop test 1.2m meter high onto a concrete surface
• Various wire/wireless interfaces are available
• Customize software
• Provide operating system driver
• Provide WM, WINCE, Symbian, Android DLL
• Bluetooth with high communication speed
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Introduction Specification Application Others

Safety Precautions

Be sure to use the specified battery and power source provided by our company. Connection to an improper power source may cause fire, explosion or damage to the printer.

Don’t put the battery into the fire or water, don’t disassemble or modify the battery, don’t be short circuit, otherwise may result in injury or fire even explosion.

If the printer would not be used for a long time, be sure to take off the battery, otherwise the battery may leak liquid which is corrosive, if improper operation causes battery leak, and the liquid is spattered on the skin or clothes, please wash it with water, if spattered in the eyes, please rinse them with water thoroughly and see a doctor.

Please do not open the paper case cover when it is printing or just when printing is over, do not touch the print head with hand or body, overheat may cause scald.


•Leather case
• Li-ion battery
• Serial interface cable
• USB interface cable
• Paper
• Power adapter


Printing method thermal dot line printing
Printing speed 50~80mm/s
Printing width 48mm
Dot pitch 8dots/mm,384dots/line
Printing character ANK:8x16,12 x24 GBK:16x16,24 x 24
Character/line ANK:48,32 GBK:24,16
Paper thermal paper
Paper width 58mm
Paper roll outer diameter Ф30mm/40mm(max)
Paper roll inter diameter Ф13mm(min)
Paper height 0.06~0.07mm
Paper loading method easy paper loading
Wear life more than 50km
2-D:QR Code
Commands ESC/POS
Interface RS232/USB/Wireless-BT/IrDA/Wifi
Charger AC00-250V/1.0A
Lithium battery DC7.4V/1500mAh
Weight 197g(excluding paper roll )
Applications (W*L*H) 92.5×75×38mm(30mm paper warehouse)/
102.5×75×45mm(40mm paper warehouse)
Color dark grey
Operating temperature -10~50°C
Storage temperature -20~70°C
Operating humidity 20~85%
Storage humidity 5~95%

 • Insurance
• Warehouse/logistic
• Parking system
• Mobile POS
• Sanitary inspection
• Utility billing/meter reading
• E-payment system

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