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Printer mechanism
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thermal printer mechanism
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Features :

• Mini printing module
• Easy paper loading
• Printing speed:90mm/s(8.5V)
• 90° paper feeding

( thermal printer mechanism )

thermal printer mechanism PDF
Introduction Specification Application Others

1. Low voltage supply

The voltage used to drive the thermal printer head is equal to the logic voltage, or is driven by a 5 V single power line, the range of operating voltage is 4.2V-8.5V, so four to six NI-Cd battries or Ni-MH batteries can also be used. Two li-ion batteries can be used.

2. Compact and lightweight design

The mechanism is compact and light, dimensions: 70.1mm (width) * 21.8mm (depth) * 31.0mm (height)

3. Printing with high resolution

A high-density printer head of 8 dots/mm make the good printing quality

4. High speed printing

According to driving power and sensitivity of thermal paper, set different printing speed required. Printing speed is 90 mm/ s (max.)

5. Easy paper loading

Detachable rubber roller structure makes the paper loading easier

6. Low noise

Thermal line dot printing is used to guarantee low noise printing.


Printing method thermal dot line printing
Dot structure 384 dots/line
Dot pitch 8 dots/line
Printing width 48mm
Printing speed 90mm/s(8.5V)
Paper width 58mm
Paper thickness 60~100mm
Paper loading method easy paper loading
Character size 12* 24,32 characters/line
24*24,16 characters/line
8* 16,48 characters/line
16*16,24 characters/line
Power supply Printer head 4.2V~8.5V, Average 0.87A
stepper motor 4.2V~8.5V,1A(max)
Logic voltage 2.7V~5.25V,0.01A(max)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 70.1*21.8*31 mm
Weight 43 g
Electric life Wear life more than 110,000,000 pulses (printing rate=12.5%)
more than 50km
Ambient condition Operating temperature 0°C~50°C
Operating humidity 10~80% RH
Storage temperature -25° C~70° C
Storage humidity 5~90% RH
Sensor TPH temperature thermistor 
Paper end detection photo interrupter

•Hand-hold terminals
• ECR/financial POS
• Weighing scale
• Fire controller
• Medical devices
• Taximeter
• Measuring device
• Cash register

thermal printer mechanism PDF
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