HRPT cooperated with IMFF to set up the "HPRT Best Creative Award”


 As a means of expression, images and words continuously affect our emotions and reshape the spiritual world of the public, allowing us to become closely connected even if we are thousands of miles apart.

The 2021 second In Moments Film FestivalIMFFwas held from Nov. 18th to 20th, 2021. As the annual strategic partner, HPRT, the leading brand of mobile phone printers, gather in Pingtan with young filmmakers from all over the country.




This year, young creators from 290 universities around the world participated in the exhibition, and a total of 1,376 works were registered. Among them, 26 universities in Taiwan, a total of 103 works. This QTY greatly exceeds that of last year's first film festival. After preliminary review and review, 50 short films were finally shortlisted to compete for various honors.

In order to better dig out the creative works of young filmmakers and find the shining points that bravely break through, HRPT cooperated with IMFF to set up the "HPRT Best Creative Award and provided special support funds to support young film directors to go on their creation.



As an excellent local high-tech enterprise in China, HPRT continues to pay attention to people's spiritual life in addition to products.

 In the future, HPRT will continue to work with IMFF to provide more diverse,richer and stronger support for young filmmakers on both sides of the cross-strait, and accompany young filmmakers on the path of their true film creation careers. 

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