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As you know, we , the leading supplier and producer of POS Printer. Provided you have a thorough acknowledge of PRT, you have have known all the POS Printers in the line of PRT are thermal. Within the coverage of POS printers, we specialized in four types, TP801, TP805, TP806, PPT2-A are in the line of our business.

For any goods, you must want to get the points of them so that to differ them. TP801, the reliable, fashionable design one, industry leading belt- driven , cutter jam auto- eliminating design may be the point, such design can reduce the printing noise greatly. The another difference is three color LED indicators. TP805, the cost- effective , reliable and qualified thermal POS printer. TP806 is a fast, reliable and high quality of thermal receipt printer, for this type , the printing speed up to 300 mm/ s , it never break the procedure of printing, TP801 is made up with waterproof material, you can use it in a wet environment. PPT2-A, the compact and elegant design thermal POS Printer, just for the elegant design , the big motor and big bear design may attract your eyes.

Concerned all above- mentioned said, you can obtain the information that all the POS Printers we handled are reliable , you need not to worry about the quality , printing speed any longer. For most electronic products, we don't care about its outlook at most time , about PRT's POS Printers, we devote to design and produce the products in fashionable designs and superior quality. For printers, you must need to connect the computer so that print documents, above all the four types POS printer, providing Windows driver and some other softwares offer you the convenience. Welcome to our site

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