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In our daily work, we always need to print documents and pictures. In most companies or printing store, they almost use the thermal printers now.

The POS thermal portable printer is used for printing the receipts. Thermal Portable Printer (LP561P-B) is production in Xiamen PRT Technology CO.,LTD. It is printing at the high speed of 250 mm/s. It is easy to maintain and improve the work efficiency. The LP561P-B can print the images and characters at a high speed with the low noise. It is flexible installation on countertop or wall using optional bracket. It is support parallel, serial, USB and Ethernet interfaces (support two in one or three in one). Also it is support paper out alarm and print prompt.

The thermal transfer printer can belong to the thermal printer. LP561P-B is supplied by the It has the high speed and quality and able to print at the most high speed of 120t/m, it sufficient to satisfy the requirement of customers. The thermal transfer printer is applicable to the packaging material printing. The high speed and stable print effect provide the feasibility or printing bar code and pattern. It can print a great variety of one dimensional and two dimensional up to 300 DPI bars codes on various films. The internal clock achieves various reek time and date while printing on time, like production date, expiry date, lot number, series number and code bar etc. Also it can help the users to save more time for changing the ribbon.

In the thermal printer market, most of the printers support the Bluetooth and WIFI, so that convenient us to receive the documents or images. The premium printer can also print at a high speed and without much noise while printing.

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