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As you know, each electronic appliance has a controller board, perhaps you can't see it, it is necessary for the run. For example, a power station is automatic, the sluices being worked from the controller board. The boards are used in different ways, such as the LCD controller board, bread maker control board, TV control board, access controller board.

The LCD controller board is made up with VGA, S-VIDEO, AV, TV, AUDIO and panel interfaces. It including ten kinds of language for optional, they are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Arabic. And it supports IR control. The access controller boards that control four door UNI-directional. It commands the remote control function, anti-pass back function and there is an electronic map and emergency close. It connects with keypad readers.

Due to the controller boards are widely used in such ways, the production has become the main production in the line of business of the manufacturers. The Xiamen PRT Technology CO.,LTD. producing LCD controller mother board for 7" LCD display. 7 inches color digital liquid crystal module is made of PS-1628A-7-V01 driver board, 7 inches LED color digital liquid crystal display and frame, it has two kinds of standards, including PAL and NTSC which make automatic conversation come true. The IC can carry on power management, the cross flow control for backlight; protect power abnormality and so on. It can be used in widely areas, such as official electron equipment, device, instrument and measure equipment, it can display for car, portable DVD, remote terminal, liquid crystal TV. But it is not suit for cutting-edge products which require high reliability, stability and accuracy.

Nowadays, many merchants are using the LED menu board with manual controller for advertising. Such LED writing board can work in nights and days, especially in dazzling in dark environment. This kind also needs a controller board for its normal run.

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