2019 HPRT Science and Technology Conference

HPRT is PRT’s subsidiary company,2019 HPRT Science and Technology Conference was grand held in Shanghai on 22nd,May


As a company that has been engaging in the thermal printing industry for many years,HPRT has been adhering to professional technology and services since its establishment, providing users with superior printing solutions,and realizing the corporate vision of " What You See Is What You Think"In this science and technology conference,HPRT and many media,dealers gather together,feeling information Interconnection in the IOT era and presenting a innovative and technical printing feast

第二张.jpgMr. Lin Jinyi,the general manager of HPRT, said the performance of HPRT both in domestic and international market has been continuously growing since it was founded.Products have penetrated into every aspect of people's lives.In the pass 2018,the overall business of HPRT maintained a steady growth of 39% compared with the previous year, sold its products to over 60 countries.Not only the HPRT label printer has ranked first in the domestic logistics field,also in 2018, PRT has ranked first in selling printer mechanism in the world.

第三张.jpgHPRT’s general manager explicate HPRT’s history of development

HPRT always focuses on the printing field,with more than 200 research and development teams,and obtaining more than 100 invention patents,filling up the blank space in the industry many times and constantly bringing surprises to users.So that every company,and every family, can see what they think.

第四张.jpgHPRT’s general manager deciphers innovative technology

HPRT first released more than 20 new products in commercial, industrial and household three major fields,meeting users different need in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment,home and travel,and bringing more wisdom to people's work and life.

第五张.jpgHPRT’s vice general manager explicates new product release conference 

In addition, HPRT announced its future development strategy for the first time,taking the household field as an important area for new development.And showing that the future HPRT will be committed to technological innovation and product development in commercial, industrial and household three major areas.HPRT will spare no effort to achieve rapid development in many multi-field.

第六张.jpgHPRT’s general manager announced the future development strategy for the first time 

As the highlight of the conference,the 8 exhibition areas of HPRT Town,and nearly 30 products and solutions fully make a interpretation for the unique technology of HPRT for attending media and dealers.

第七张.jpgHPRT Town area

Miss Ren Xiaowei,HPRT’s vice general manager ,expressed affirmation and gratitude to dealers around the world.And said that HPRT cannot grow rapidly in a decade without the hard work and support of all dealers.In the future, she hope to continue to work together with all the dealers,striving to achieve new strategic goals

第八张.jpgHPRT’s vice general manager Miss Ren Xiaowei’s share

2019 is a new year for HPRT,it starts at the new point,creating more intelligent work and life for people through every innovative products and solutions.And holding the corporate philosophy of”continuously improved,unceasingly enterprising ”,bringing HPRT to the world and building a leading national brand of printing technology in China.

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