HPRT/PRT 4th Autumn Sports Meeting

It is exciting that PRT held the 4th Autumn Sports Meeting in Xiamen Institute of Technology on November 2, 2019. More than 1500 PRT employees got together to join in it. As planned, the eight teams at the opening ceremony were named after the mythical characters corresponding to the eight major planets and performed focusing on the theme of the competition. 


There are two other attracting performances in the sports meeting: a group dance of 60 people and a cheerleading of 7 youthful girls.

集体舞 方阵_副本.jpg

After the opening speech made by our general manager Mr. Jeff, the competition was officially kicked off. It was divided into two parts: athletic competitions and fun games. The athletic competitions include Mens/Womens 100m/200m sprint, long jump etc.; While fun games include tug-of-war match, rope skipping and flat support.


As the focus of the competition,5,000M long run was the most anticipated by us. The contestants are all from management team, most of them insisted on finishing the competition. It was a big challenge of endurance and persistence, we were so proud of them!


The annual sports meeting is an important part of the company's corporate culture construction. It can better promote communication between employees and increase team cohesion. We all learn from it that anyone should work tirelessly for the teams common goal.

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