Mobile Law Enforcement Printing Solution -MT800

Mobile law enforcement printing solution 

MT800 makes supervision more efficient and law enforcement more public


Recently MT800 (A4 mobile printer from HPRT) was boarded the TV column of "Entering the New District" in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. In the report, with help of MT800 the police from Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau had successfully implemented the mobile office(law enforcement). This is a huge change, it costs over 1 hour to do the law enforcement by the tradition way while only 10 minutes by the new way.


Before using MT800:

Due to the nature of job, law enforcement had been always done out of office. The traditional way of working is to make records by hand-written which is quite inefficient, and it cause big trouble for both police and interested parties. Lots of trivial details should be involved, and the interested parties should be invited to the police office to wait for signing on hand-written depositions. More than 1 hour should be spent to finalize the whole process


After using MT800:

Thanks to MT800 connected with a document editing & printing system,nowadays the police do the law enforcement by printing all the depositions on the spot instead of hand writing. Most of detailed process are simplified, and the interested parties can sign on the printed depositions instantly. Obviously it is much faster and more convenient, and only about 10 minutes is spent to finalize the whole process。


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