Stay together in Xiamen for a safe and happy Chinese New Year

Spring Festival,the most important traditional festival in China,is coming.All of us are ready to ring in the New Year.


However,the current overseas epidemic is accelerating,and the prevention and control situation of domestic epidemic are still severe. Xiamen has recently appeared close contacts, coupled with the frequent movement of people during the Spring Festival.

Therefore,PRT proposes to all members to stay in Xiamen for a safe Chinese New Year. 


Here are some tips for a happy and safe new year.

1) Suggest all the staff stay in Xiamen for the new year,without leaving Xiamen unless necessary.

2) Actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic prevention and control measures,scientifically wear masks,wash hands frequently,ventilate frequently,keep less gatherings,maintain a social distance with each other and cultivate a healthy and civilized lifestyle.

3) Pay attention to food hygiene.Try not to buy imported cold chain food, and avoid direct contact with cold chain food with your hands.Fresh ingredients should be purchased through formal channels.Meat, eggs,and seafood should be eaten after being cooked thoroughly.

4) When you have fever (body temperature >=37.5℃),cough,sore throat,runny nose and other flu symptoms,please go to the hospital in time according to your condition.

5) Pay attention to cough etiquette.When coughing or sneezing,try to keep away from others.Cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper or elbow to prevent spray.Wash your hands immediately after coughing or sneezing and avoid touching your eyes,mouth and nose with your hands.


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