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When it comes to printer, in our impression is “big, bulky and inconvenient” these words. In the past it was on account of the existence of such printers that we had to stay in one place and engaged in the activity. However with the development of modern science and technology, the printer that we use is also in continuous update. Not only is becoming more and more small and exquisite, but also operating is more simple. The emergence of the mobile printer brings great convenience to our lives.

From 2004, PRT Company developed the first micro printer, miniature printer to now near 15 years of history. In the 15 years, the micro printing technology for the development by leaps and bounds. Print way, from the original matrix has been extended to today’s nearly 10 kinds of tiny including shuttle printing way, 9 needles, 24 needle struck, spray printing, thermal printing, etc. Fragment of mobile printers to satisfy our different needs. Pin type portable mobile printer to print documents can be kept for a long time, and the price is cheaper. Thermal portable mobile printers print speed, low noise, also removes. Replace the ribbon of the trouble. Wireless portable mobile printers can realize wireless printing, especially convenient when you’re in the open air.

This paper introduces so many types of mobile printers, I think no matter you are engaged in the supermarket, postal, banking, tobacco monopoly or utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system aspects, such as mobile printers are your best choice. Select Portable Mobile Printer, can get rid of the trouble of run back and forth, in the same place can print the information you want, save time, improve work efficiency. Choose the mobile printer, you can print what you want to print anytime and anywhere.

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