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MLP2, 2"Mobile Label Printer, is another ultra compact and rugged design. This product has virtue of strong function. For instance, with the label automatic peel-off function, you can clear waste paper readily. MLP2 supports label printing and receipt printing as well. With adjustable printing width, it supports diverse labels with different width. However, there’s no need to worry its operation because it has characteristic of easy loading mechanism and easy maintenance. More importantly, it is equipped with 7.4V, 1450mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery--large capacity battery. Like other mobile printers, it has already passed rugged design passed 1.2m drop test which can effectively avoid some mild damage. In addition, MLP2 provides 360 degree rotating buckle catering to different hanging positions. In terms of communication, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are provided for options. It also supports client-side firmware upgrade. From the aspect of system, MPL2 provides Windows driver, Win Mobile, WinCE, Android demo software and SDK. With OLED display as the friendly human-machine operating interface, it will construct harmony relationship between the machine and users. Optional MSR and smart card reader can provide many choices for users. All in all, MPL2 demonstrates humanization of design.

PPD3 (New Products will Coming out from Printer Mechanism Manufacturer Official Website, 3"Dot-matrix Printer, is our new product applied dot-matrix printing technology. To begin with, embedded power is supplied, which guarantees using safety in a way. Second, its high printing speed is up to 4.7 lps at 42 columns so its work efficiency can be improved. Furthermore, drop-in and print paper loading is convenient for users. Besides, PPD3 is able to print up to 3 copies at a time so it can promote work efficiency too. Clamshell splash resistant design protects its internal parts and extents the service life. Last but not least, print head 18 pin is also available.

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