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In the past few years, we bought the tickets from the stipulated windows, like the movie tickets, we need to wait on line so that would spend us a lot of time on this way. In the 21st, we can buy the tickets from a machine called self-service ticket printer, in the meantime, we can get a lot of help from the machine. We can see the printer on the airport and some other places.

Ticket printing self service information kiosk with card reader and note acceptor MPTⅡ-40 (Self-service Ticket Printer) is manufactured by PRT in China. It has the note acceptor, card reader, thermal printer and keyboard. You can operate it by fingers as it has the 17" or 19" SAW touch screen.

You can customize the printer if you would get the ticket printer a bit of unusual. MPTⅡ-30 is the self service payment ticketing check-in in touch screen kiosks in Xiamen PRT Technology CO.,LTD. People can scan their ID card or passport to get their hotel booking information automatically or select hotel room number after their personal information input. Then make deposit payment by bank card on the kiosk. After that they can related room card dispensed from the kiosk. Provided you want to borrow the books from the libraries, you could operate the machine on the same way and some other bookings.

Now, many cinemas in order to save the extra cost have offered the self-help function cinema ticketing kiosk. From the machine, you can learn some information about the movies on line. Then if you are interested on the movie on line, you could place an order. Finally, you need to choose the seat, single ticket or double ticket, after the information input; you will get the movie ticket.

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