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Bluetooth can be called a communication tool; we can send texts, music, photos and so on though Bluetooth. Large and heavy printer might limit our using, as the users need to operate on a flexible place. In the market, you can buy the mini printer, some even can hold on your hand, these can be called mobile printer, which also with Bluetooth. With the high technology, the Bluetooth mobile printer can be with the Android system, you can make a phone call though the mobile printer.

In general, the Bluetooth mobile printers have some same features. They are with batteries without the question. It is easy paper loading. Almost of them can print at a high speed. The highly efficient lithium battery usually can be lasted up to 48 hours. The card swiping board of the mobile printer can swipe all types of magnetic stripe cards. The handheld printer can be used with several of portable devices. The handheld printers usually have the small size, light weight and easy operation, it is stable. In all, it is widely used in mobile police systems, logistics systems, mobile payment systems, field operation recording systems, the tobacco distribution system, the utility meter reading system, the portable instrumentation, the testing equipment, the ancillary equipment etc.

Xiamen PRT Technology CO.,LTD. supplies the satisfied products. They produce the mini Bluetooth receipt thermal printer. It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suited to outdoor environment. The feature has small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple to connect and easy to use.

Nowadays, the printers are becoming the smaller and smaller; you can hold it on your hand or put it into your pocket or bags. Furthermore, they offer you with more functions; they support the WIFI and phone call.

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