Bucket Printers Mechanism Wonderfully Supported by PRT


Bucket Printers Mechanism Wonderfully Supported by PRT. This kind of machines are suitable to surface printing on cylinder, oblate, flat products which can be the plastic, vitreous, ceramic, wooden and steel materials. These machines are made of many parts which are import from other countries. So that with the long usage age the accuracy of the machine have reached peer leading level.

Most of the bucket printers have the following characteristics. They have microprocessor controls, high automation and easy operation, furthermore, it with four-digit counter built-in. Of course, these bucket printers with the function of cylindrical and conical printing. You could adjust the printing stroke and speed according to the different need. The automatic squeegee balance-keeping ensures equal printing pressure. Also, workable and screen frame can be adjusted slightly in horizontal and vertical direction. In general, most of the Bucket Printers owned the high precision printing and easy adjustment.

Caught the business opportunity, many suppliers devote to manufacture the bucket printers. Xiamen PRT technology Co., Ltd., is the producer in Xiamen, China. PT48 is the production in their range. It is similar with others. For all function is controlled by Micro-computer, high automatic and easy operation. You can adjust work-table by vertical, transverse or level orientation. You can enjoy the high printing precision, convenient and adjusting functions. Due to the systems, it can print the productions with soft outside, as the printing seat have the function of huff. And it can print flat products by changing connect styles as per the special clamp for round and flat products. You can control the speed of printing and reclaim ink independently. As much printers, most of them with international famous pneumatic elements, for this type only, it has the elements such as SMA, FESTO. The PT48 bucket printer mechanism has the good quality Korea senor and perfect alarm system.

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